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[NA-User] Changing Logging Time

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Subject: [NA-User] Changing Logging Time
From: (k4oj)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 14:36:38 -0500
no you don't, been a while since I done this but since I had to do it 
many times from memory here goes (note that in your config file there is 
a command to offset the log from the computer clock - if you use that 
with tthe correct number of hours of offset you should not run into this 
problem) :

At the prompt, before NA booots, type NAU, which the NA Utilities 
program - there you can select the option to change times - it will add 
however many minutes you want to the entire log - i.e. if your log was 
off by 5 hours it would add 300 minutes onto generates a 
new file and the old file is saved with an "old" designater..

Think that is right - works easily - like I say I have used it more than 
once ... a bigger problem is if you have a network of computers and only 
one is off timewise that makes a real mess... fortunately NA has 
timesync which will make all the computers in the network have the same 
time as the one you just typed that on!

Sub-note - make sure the Day is correct also - sometimes if you are off 
you may have to use the time utility several times to move things by 
that much tume!

Bottom line is to have "check time and date shown on logging program" as 
one of your pre-contest checklist items!


Jim, K4OJ

 Paul J Mackanos, Jr. wrote:

> Getting ready to send in logs from SSB SS, and guess what, logged in local
>time. Do I have to go through each QSO and change them one by one or is
>there a way to change them all at once. I guess I have the time to do that
>now that my company forceably retired me last Friday !!!!!
>Thanks, Paul K2DB (K2NNY Log)
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