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[NA-User] NA and WIn 98 DOS

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Subject: [NA-User] NA and WIn 98 DOS
From: (Dan Kovatch)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 17:57:23 -0500
Tnx fer all the responses. I made a change to the msdos.sys file and now the
machine boots directly to the c:\ prompt and NA appears to run fine. Many
thanks to Jon AA1K who sent the instructions on this. I have copied them and
added them to this thread if anyone else needs them. Now to find places for
the W9XT card and my serial/par port card and reconfigure all this as the
NEW, HIGH powered, internet capable, networkable W8CAR supercomputer--- I
should be ready to contest again in 2004!!

Thanks again guys for the rapid and helpful responses-once again proving
that NA, it's author and it's users are "da best"

73 and Happy TG

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Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 5:36 PM
Subject: Re: [NA-User] NA and WIn 98 DOS

> At 08:11 AM 11/26/02 -0500, Dan Kovatch wrote:
> >Has anyone run NA on a windows 98 machine under the Dos prompt? Just
> >loaded the new na 1058 on my windows 98 machine and got the dread error 8
> >message?
> Two of the K8CC logging computers are used Acers which were taken out of
> service from a school district.  The reseller wiped the hard drives and
> appears to have reformatted them from a Win98 boot disk.  The computers
> boot to a command line prompt and there is no Windows GUI, but they are
> running under whatever the Win 98 core is.  We've used these two computers
> on the 28 MHz station in ARRL DX CW and CQWW CW this year and they have
> worked perfectly.
> I know K9TM regularly runs NA under Win98 successfully.
> Are you sure it was Error 8?  Without boring everyone with the details, I
> don't think that one is possible.(Dave is right here it was not error 8)
> One thing you might check is how much free memory you have in the Win 98
> DOS prompt - depending on the machine, you might not have enough DOS
> to run NA.
> Dave
> Dan,

Here's the info on booting directly to DOS .... I did this a year or so ago
on two different computers I have in the ham shack. One thing that was
different was to launch Windows 98 I have to type "WIN98" not just "WIN"
....I think this may be because mine are Win98 upgrades (from win95) and
just typing "Win" launches Win95.

MSDOS.SYS is normally set as a "hidden" file and what the commands below do
are "unhide" it so you can make the changes and then hide it again.

73/Jon AA1K

>Hi Guys,
>Anthony, KG2MY, kindly walked me through this procedure to make my Win98
>computer boot into DOS directly.
>1) Get to the C:\
>2) At the C:\, type ATTRIB -H -R -S MSDOS.SYS
>3) At the C:\  type EDIT MSDOS.SYS
>4) In the MSDOS.SYS file, change the
>5) After BOOTGUI=0,
> Add the line:   Logo=0
>(this prevents the Windows 98 from appearing)
>6) Save the file and exit to the C:\
>7) At the C:\, type ATTRIB +H +R +S MSDOS.SYS
>8) At the C:\ type  EXIT
>9) Reboot the computer.
>This worked for my Win98 computer (which now boots directly into DOS).
>I want to go to back into Windows 98, I simply type WIN.
>I hope this helps out some of you.
>73 & GL!
>Bob KQ2M

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