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[NA-User] Killing two birds with one message

To: <>
Subject: [NA-User] Killing two birds with one message
From: (Dick)
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 22:36:52 -0600
Cabrillo format:   After the contest I exit and write the file. I rename 
it to <mycall>.log, submit it, change it back, then move it and the 
files created by the write process, to another folder that contains only 
that contest and sub directories (folders) for the previous years, for 
safe keeping.   If I need to access a particular contest I can either 
move those files back to the root of NA or point NA to it.  I don't like 
having older contest files cluttering upNA's root folder.

NA and  Win 98:  I've been running NA in a DOS window (Win 98se) for a 
few years and have had no problems with it. The computer keys the radio 
just fine. I like it because I can have a different program running in 
another window and be able to see both. (Doesn't the TV distract you Tim 
(K9TM)?) What I haven't done is interface the radio via the IEEE port. 
 I've haven't had any problems with Norton Anti-virus running, don't 
know about others but I agree, the fewer things (Real Player etc.) you 
have running, the better off you are.

I didn't see it mentioned but for the individual that wanted a quick way 
to boot to the program, when you reboot your computer, press F8 which 
should, in most cases, provide you with starting options, one of which 
is starting from a command (DOS) prompt.  You could also write a small 
batch file that will launch the program when booting from a floppy.  Yet 
another choice is to set your PC up for dual boot with second partition 
set up with DOS 6.x and NA in it.

Regards, Dick

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