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Re: [NA-User] Interface problem

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Subject: Re: [NA-User] Interface problem
From: "Bob, N5RP" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 07:07:23 -0600
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Now then, my answer may seem strange,
but since you can sync by pressing the ALT/F1 or ALT/F2 a couple of times,
it would seem that you do not have a problem.

here, on this end, upon start-up, even with all radio station components booted from cold, I do the ALT/F1 and ALT/F2, as well - not to sync perhaps, but to check and insure proper interface relationships.

So you and I perform the same function activities, and achieve the same results.

You see a problem, I do not see a problem.

I hope I was properly polite in the tone of my reply.

Bob - N5RP
At 23:58 12/10/2003, Ray wrote:
I am having a problem that occurs when I turn off my FT1000MP that is interfaced to NA logging software. I keep the computer running since it is my interface to Packet. Later, when I turn on the FT1000MP, the software does not sync with the band & mode displayed on NA. The CAT LED does flash as it should.

The only way I can get the two to sync is to press the ALT/F1 or ALT/F2 (band up/down) a number of times, then it may sync. Pressing the band / mode buttons on the radio does not do it.

Is there a command, procedure or other process that will get the radio and software to sync? It is more likely to be an NA problem or FT1000MP problem? Anyone else have this problem.


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