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RE: [NA-User] Interface problem

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Subject: RE: [NA-User] Interface problem
From: "k9tm" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 18:45:03 -0500
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I have never had to do what is described below with my MP's.  I just went to
the shack and tried several things and no matter which I turned on first
(rig or cpu) or which contest I picked (I tried several)... NA always read
the radio and changed to that band.  I never use alt-f1/alt-f2, by personal
preference.  I either press the band button on the mp or I type in a freq.

Seems like perhaps a non documented feature that showed up in some version
other than 10.53?  I am still using 10.53 as I have no reason to use
anything else.

I guess it may be a minor defect but you have already identified a
workaround... therefore, it is probably low priority (more than likely Dave
was not aware of it).  I'm sure Dave will look at it while he is off for the
holidays :-)  He has one mp, so he can test it.

Not sure what version you are using?

Also, not sure what you mean by pressing alt-f1/f2 a few times and "it may
sync" means.  Does that mean that sometimes it does not... or does it always
sync once you do this?  Why press it more than once?

How long have you waited before pressing alt-f1/f2?  Depending on where you
hit the polling cycle it could take a few seconds before the cpu reads the
freq and updates the screen.

73, Tim K9TM

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Subject: Re: [NA-User] Interface problem

Bob and others,

I see we all do the same to get the radio and computer to match
bands/mode. I call it a problem, in that, my TS940S radios synced
immediately with NA whenever they were turned on and off. I installed
the PIEXX interfaces in those radios..

Still wondering the reason why it is necessary to do the Alt /F1-F2 with
Yaesu FT1000MP and not the Kenwood TS940S? I do recall using the
original Kenwood factory interfaces, they were not as reliable as the PIEXX.


Bob, N5RP wrote:

> Now then, my answer may seem strange,
> but since you can sync by pressing the ALT/F1 or ALT/F2 a couple of
> times,
> it would seem that you do not have a problem.
> here, on this end, upon start-up, even with all radio station
> components booted from cold, I do the ALT/F1 and ALT/F2, as well - not
> to sync perhaps, but to check and insure proper interface relationships.
> So you and I perform the same function activities, and achieve the
> same results.
> You see a problem, I do not see a problem.
> I hope I was properly polite in the tone of my reply.
> 73,
> Bob - N5RP
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> At 23:58 12/10/2003, Ray wrote:
>> I am having a problem that occurs when I turn off my FT1000MP that is
>> interfaced to NA logging software. I keep the computer running since
>> it is my interface to Packet. Later, when I turn on the FT1000MP, the
>> software does not sync with the band & mode displayed on NA. The CAT
>> LED does flash as it should.
>> The only way I can get the two to sync is to press the ALT/F1 or
>> ALT/F2 (band up/down) a number of times, then it may sync. Pressing
>> the band / mode buttons on the radio does not do it.
>> Is there a command, procedure or other process that will get the
>> radio and software to sync? It is more likely to be an NA problem or
>> FT1000MP problem? Anyone else have this problem.
>> Ray,
>> N6VR
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