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Re: [NA-User] Interface problem

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Subject: Re: [NA-User] Interface problem
From: "David A. Pruett" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 19:28:25 -0500
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I think this problem is related to the communications protocol Yaesu uses to talk to the radio. It's different (and IMO, inferior) to that used by the other manufacturers.

The communication protocol varies between manufacturers, but most are similar. The data packet starts with some sort of an ID byte, and ends with a termination character. With this type of protocol, NA knows the message has ended when it receives the termination character. When this happens, it starts back at the beginning of the buffer looking for the ID byte, parses the data based on the type of packet indicated by the ID byte.

Yaesu uses no termination character. Instead, Yaesu's protocol exists of five bytes for every data packet with the first byte as the ID byte. The other characters can be anything, so there is no way to detect the end of the packet other than by keeping track of the count of received characters.

I've seen the problem Ray and others have described with my FT-1000Ds. I think that when you turn the radio on or off with NA running is that the program and the radio are getting out of synch. I'm not sure of the exact mechanism for the problem. I did try to account for errors which would upset the process by clearing the COM receive buffer each time the radio is polled, but there must be something I've overlooked.

EVERY time this has happened to me I would exit NA, then restart the program and all would be well. (Note: you don't have to reboot) I'll admit this is a little more awkward than Alt-F1 then Alt-F2 but it works every time.



At 09:58 PM 12/10/03 -0800, Ray wrote:
I am having a problem that occurs when I turn off my FT1000MP that is interfaced to NA logging software. I keep the computer running since it is my interface to Packet. Later, when I turn on the FT1000MP, the software does not sync with the band & mode displayed on NA. The CAT LED does flash as it should.

The only way I can get the two to sync is to press the ALT/F1 or ALT/F2 (band up/down) a number of times, then it may sync. Pressing the band / mode buttons on the radio does not do it.

Is there a command, procedure or other process that will get the radio and software to sync? It is more likely to be an NA problem or FT1000MP problem? Anyone else have this problem.


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