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Re: [NA-User] spam from a subscriber to this list

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Subject: Re: [NA-User] spam from a subscriber to this list
From: "David A. Pruett" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 23:51:02 -0500
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I appreciate Tim posting this note to the reflector. I too have been seeing the vetomail replies but I guess I'm too lazy to figure out where they were coming from, since I'm subscribed to four reflectors.

I hate spam as much or more as the next guy. I get a TON of it in my work e-mail, but relatively few here at home thru my broadband connection. I simply deleted the vetomail replies - I don't see it as my responsibility (or the reflector's) to solve his e-mail dilemma.

Since nothing we send him will make it thru, as the list moderator I'm regretfully removing KM0L. Maybe he'll notice he's be unsubscribed. If not, if anybody know him let him know.


At 11:08 PM 12/12/03 -0500, k9tm wrote:

I am not a fan of spam but as far as I am concerned what is
doing is worse than spam.  He is apparently subscribed to this list and also
to some vetomail crap.  I keep getting emails from this spam site requesting
me to go to their site and confirm I am real.  How do I know they are real?

I hope the notes from vetomail stop soon.  If you are listening km0l, please
make it stop.  This is a very poor way to deal with spam... especially if
you subscribe to lists and such.  You wanted to stop your spam but all you
did is create spam for everyone who posts to the reflector :-(

73 Tim K9TM

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