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RE: [NA-User] spam from a subscriber to this list

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Subject: RE: [NA-User] spam from a subscriber to this list
From: "k9tm" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 11:23:27 -0500
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It appears as though he is using this vetomail service to lessen his junk
mail.  This is one of many anti-spam methods.  IMHO, it is a poor one as it
puts the burden on the senders and not on the receiver.  I think it is like
"pay before you pump' gas.  It says that everyone is a spammer (or going to
steal gas) and you have to prove otherwise.  I don't patronize gas stations
that require pay before you pump and I don't go to web sites to confirm my
email address is real.

My calling it spam is because, I never sent an email to him, I deleted the
first email sent on his behalf, other emails continue to come in from
vetomail asking me to verify I am who I am.  Since I never sent him an email
and I never sent anything to vetomail... the unsolicited emails I get from
vetomail on his behalf asking me to confirm my email address are spam.  Why
should I help them stuff their database with valid emails?  What are they
going to do with them?  What do I get for it?

It does not appear to be an email spoof as you suggested.  He apparently
selected to use this to control his email... I'm just saying that I won't
play along.  Now that his service is sending me emails, he needs to find a
way to stop it.  If I go to vetomail, then I support what I think is a bad
behaviour.  I won't do that.  I guess I can only hope that it will stop
asking after some number of retries?  I have already created a rule to
delete all emails from vetomail... so I won't see them any more.

73 Tim K9TM

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Subject: Re: [NA-User] spam from a subscriber to this list

Are you sure KM0L is the problem? has bn picked up by some spammers and has bn used to
send all kinds of junk.  I have also seen NX1G used as well as a number of
other addresses to send junk mail. I have not granted anyone the privilege
to use one of my mail addresses.

Bulk Spam mailers generate random addresses with number and letter
combinations and unfortunately some of our ham calls end up in these

Happy holidays to you all

73, Craig Clark, K1QX

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