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[NA-User] Plus key

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Subject: [NA-User] Plus key
From: "Joseph Potter" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 22:54:26 -0500
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Hello to all.

In getting ready for the upcoming NAQP I have been using NA in practice
mode. The plus key seems to be having a problem. Instead of always sending
the tu and qrz, logging the qso, about 25 percent of the time it sends the
F7 (question mark) and logs the call. I checked this with 10.58 and 10.59
with the same results. I have not checked it live but only in practice mode.
BTW, it happened in more than one contest setup. Anyone else see this? I am
using a Dell Latitude laptop, windows 98se, and 128 meg of ram running from
dos, not the dos window.

Thank you es 73,

Joe KB4N

Addendum: After further testing, this only happens when in practice mode.

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