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Re: [NA-User] cabrillo log issue

To: "Ted S.K. Heilmann" <>
Subject: Re: [NA-User] cabrillo log issue
From: "Jim White, K4OJ" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 21:21:31 -0500
List-post: <>
Do not remember exactly but I had a similar issue when I submitted my ARRL 10 Meter log, the entry category was worded slightly differently in NA's Cabrillo output file than what the robot was looking for - after the second time I tried it I noticed the message read something along the lines of valid entry categories are: _________ and I edited the cabrillo file in DOS and it then swallowed it up...

Dunno if perhaps Dave needs to touch base with ARRL as to the names they now have on their categories or what... but... sounds like you had a similar problem to mine.


Jim, K4OJ

Ted S.K. Heilmann wrote:

Hello All....

I submitted my log for the January VHF SS last night. The robot rejected it
because it said I had an invalid category.

This is the line in question from my log that caused the rejection:


When I removed the word "MIXED" using a text editor the log was accepted.

I was just wondering, why does NA was add the word "MIXED"

When I set up for the contest, I did all the usual. I selected the correct
contest (Jan VHF SS), low power, single op all band.

Did I miss something?

Any thoughts?

73 de Ted (N9LLT)

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