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Re: [NA-User] Sprint logic

Subject: Re: [NA-User] Sprint logic
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 09:38:11 EST
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In a message dated 1/27/04 8:08:07 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

>  Also, I was
> wondering if I could get a few suggestions for setting up the function keys
> for the sprint especially with the qsy rule.

I've never really tried the Sprint Logic function, but I'm not real keen on 
keys that send different messages at different times.  So I set up my CW 
memories as follows:

1.     CQ NA K8MR NA
2.     DE K8MR NR # JIM OH
3.     K8MR NA
4.     K8MR
5.     (Other Guys Call)
6.     QSO B4 K8MR NA
7.     @ TU NR # JIM OH K8MR

So when I've called a guy and logged his exchange, I hit F7 and its all done. 
 When a guys answers my CQ, I hit insert as normal.

The F3 memory get used after an exchange when I will get the frequency. But 
first pause a second, because often guys will call as soon as the other guy 
QSLs.  (Or sooner  :-<  ).  When I'm leaving the frequency, and want to QSL, I 
send "R" with the paddle.  The F3 memory can also be used as an extra short CQ.

In fact in nearly every contest, I set up the F7 key as an S&P Exchange, i.e. 
  "TU 5NN OH".

73   -   Jim  K8MR  
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