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RE: [NA-User] NA clock and XP system clock

Subject: RE: [NA-User] NA clock and XP system clock
From: "K9TM" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 11:53:15 -0500
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NA is a DOS program, not a Windows program.

Both of these topics have been covered here before.  Please search the
archive for the exact technical discussions that have taken place in the

Briefly and hopefully correctly stated:
1) XP does not allow a program to directly control its ports.  Most DOS
programs directly controlled the ports as using BIOS and other methods were
too slow or did not offer all the functionality that was required.  That is
why NA runs on 95,98,Me and not on XP, 2000, NT.

2) If I remember correctly, it only loses time when the cw-keyer is enabled.
This comes back to NA using the tick timer to chain out a routine to do the
cw sending.  For whatever reason, in XP that screws up the time/date clock.

Dual booting is an option.  There are many options but the bottom line is to
run from a real DOS prompt.

Hope that helps.  

73 Tim K9TM
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I use XP Home and find that I can not get NA to operate properly at all with
it. The clock acts as you describe and the cw keying is useless. The only
thing I have found that works is to set up another partition and dual boot
so you can run NA from a true dos prompt.


Joe KB4N

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Subject: [NA-User] NA clock and XP system clock

> Folks,
> Has anyone run into a situation with NA running in an XP Pro command
> window
> in which the NA clock does not sychronize and keep up with the system
> clock?
> In the ARRL 160M contest, NA's clock would lose 5 - 10 seconds per minute
> such that I would have to reset the clock every half-hour or so.  It
> appeared that the CW speed slowed down as well.
> Is there an NA command that will sync-up with the system clock?
> Thanks es 73
> Roger ...
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