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[NA-User] NA 10.59 problem?

Subject: [NA-User] NA 10.59 problem?
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 12:21:46 EDT
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Hi Guys,
I'd be grateful for your thoughts on a problem I am having:
Running NA 10.59 on a Laptop computer and doing rig control with a Yaesu  
FT-1000-MP all runs well most of the time.  But once or twice an hour I  notice 
that NA is logging on the wrong band.  When I try to use NA to  select the same 
band as the radio it won't respond.  I have to exit NA  and boot up the 
computer again and then NA comes up on the proper  band.
I thought I was having a problem with my Laptop or 1000-MP.  However,  at a 
second QTH I am running NA 10.59 on a Desktop computer and doing  rig control 
with a Yaesu FT-1000-Field.  (different computer  and different radio).  I am 
having the exact same problem.
Please advise what you think the problem is?  Is there an NA update  that may 
correct this?
73, Dick- K9OM
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