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[NA-User] More Detail on WPX Issues

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Subject: [NA-User] More Detail on WPX Issues
From: "Robert Pack (NX5M)" <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 22:53:51 -0500
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Just to recap............
This weekend I had all the computers connected in a LOOP network for a 
multi-multi operation in the WPX CW contest.  
The first problem was the 20m station computer locking up when the spacebar was 
pressed and the call was a dupe.  The computer totally locked up.  Thought it 
might be a keyboard issue and it was just coincidence that it locked up at that 
exact moment.  K8BB suggested turn off the "Beep on Dupe Callsign" in ALERTS 
control panel.  At first I thought that might have solved the problem but it 
ended up happening again.  But once the system cratered we had no choice but to 
shut the computer down and restart it.
The other issue was on the 10m station where the computer would sometimes 
default to 160SSB (note that all radios are interfaced with the 
computer/software).  Here again we would have to restart the computer.
I made the decision to go back to 10.60 and see how things would work there.  
That changed nothing so I am sure it is not a 10.61 issue.
It has been suggested that rf may have been a problem.  If there was any stray 
rf in the shack it was not detected in any of the equipment.  But it could 
indeed have something to do with the problems.
This was the first time to use the newly installed LOOP network hub.  The hub 
is in a metal case so it is shielded very well.  The cables may be the problem 
as I am afraid they are not shielded.  I did this hub install over the last few 
days and just used whatever cables I had around the shack.
The system was tested a week ago when I had 3 other ops here and we were 
logging practice qsos so fast that the rate meter was pegged at 999 for 15 
minutes.  We could not make the system fail.  Of course we never logged any 
dupes either so I do not know what to think about the dupe issue I mentioned 
IF there was RF involved........why would the computer lock up every time a 
dupe call was entered and after the spacebar was pressed......CRASH.  I'd also 
like to mention that it also locked up a few times when a GAB message was sent 
across the network......right at the instant the gab message was 
Of course at the end of the contest none of the computers were showing the same 
numbers (expected).
When the logs were merged I found that something was seriously wrong.  
I am going to skip all the stuff I did in between the final solution but what I 
found was that there was a qso on the first line of the logging 
screen.....above where our first actual qso was logged.
It looked like this:
   nr    band     time    call     rst    nr    mult
   0      40cw   .....              599           /////
QSO number zero, no time shown, no call and no number shown.  How did this line 
end up in the log?
It corrupted the whole log until I finally figured out a way to remove it.  
Going back into NA I was able to enter a call in the blank space and then use 
the utility function (NAU/Remove a QSO) to get it out.  Once that was done I 
was able to merge the qdf files from each computer to come up with what I think 
is a valid qdf file that seems to be as close to accurate as I can expect.

So what do you guys think?  It is hard to resolve what one cannot see.

Bob NX5M

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