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[NA-User] Computer help

Subject: [NA-User] Computer help
Date: Sat, 26 May 2007 22:17:13 EDT
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Radio Dudes,
I have a dual-boot laptop (98 and XP). I boot to 98 and hit F8 to start  from 
a command prompt for running NA.
Problem: I only have one serial port and no parallel ports and I want  rig 
control and keying control from the confuser. Any one have a similar set up  
that you were able to accomplish both?
Ideas I have but don't know if they'll work:
1) USB to serial port adapter (or parallel port adapter, if there  is such a 
beast). (I don't know if the USB port and/or the  adapter would be "seen" by 
the old OS)
2) a PC-card (parallel port or serial port)
Thanks,  Joe

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