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[RFI] strange double-buzz interference

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Subject: [RFI] strange double-buzz interference
From: Dave NØRQ <n0rq-1@dfwair.net>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 18:37:24 -0500
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Not long ago, a new "bzzt bzzt pause" sound appeared in the semi-rural area
where I live.  It is S7 on 6 meters, but pretty weak on 10 - 20m.  I can get the
direction with the 6m beam, but when I drive that way and scan for the noise
on 2m AM with an Arrow beam, I can't find it.  It is very regular, going through
the bzzt-bzzt-pause cycle about every 2 seconds.

I'm wondering if anyone can recognize the sound.  My only guess would
be perhaps an electric fence.   The sound is a 16 seconds .wav file,
about 1.3 meg in size, and can be found here:
The first 8 secs are 6m SSB, and the last 8 secs are 6m AM.

If anyone has ideas, I'm all ears (in between buzzes anyway).


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