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Subject: Re: [RFI] BPL Thought
From: "N6KJ" <kelly@thejohnsons.ws>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 11:21:26 -0700 (PDT)
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The "I don't want to get involved" or "I don't have time" attitude
I've seen on the part of a large number of hams is pathetic.  It seems
to be the prevalent view of the local "shack-on-the-belt" crowd.

BPL is NOT going to be the end of threats to HF (or any amateur frequencies).
Those that don't care because they think BPL won't affect them will eventually
get nailed by some other HF threat that WILL affect them.

Threats to VHF/UHF/Microwave are even more common than HF.  As more and more
wireless networks are developed there will be an ever increasing number
of groups that want to take the amateur bands away.  Here's an example.

I friend and I were in his driveway last fall trying to get my 10GHz
radio/antenna working in time for the 10GHZ Contest.  Another (non-ham)
friend of his dropped by and asked what we were doing.  After we explained
he asked: "So, what do you guys do on 10GHz".  We explained that there
is a 10GHZ transponder on a hilltop; we build 10GHz equipment; we test
it; we go out on hilltops and try to make long distance QSO's; etc.
His comment was: "What a WASTE of useful bandwidth.  I could use that
bandwidth for a UWB (Ultra Wide Band) system.  The FCC should take that
band away and give it to someone that will do something useful with it".

This is the attitude of most non-ham wireless industry people.  Anybody
that thinks our bands are "safe" is smokin' something.

One of the prices of freedom is constant vigilance.  This is also true of
the price for being a radio amateur.  It's about time amateurs stopped
thinking amateur radio starts and ends with the local 2 meter repeater.

RF spectrum: Use it or lose it.
Freedom: Fight for it or lose it.

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:04:55 -0400, WA2BPE wrote:

> "...Not my problem; no BPL here..." is an unbelievably narrow-minded,
> blinders/rose-colored glasses on, naive attitude and it is sad to see that 
> many
> are uninformed.  This issue is much greater than "just" HF related; many
> organizations want all the spectrum they can grab and in their view, any means
> justifies the end result.  Assuming this is deployed, and HAMs (potentially)
> start shutting systems down, at what point does the PICON clause in part 97
> become an issue where *we* are viewed as the "problem"?  It does not take too
> much of a stretch of the imagination to see what *could* happen - I remember 
> the
> days of quiet hours and restricted operation.  In 46 years of Amateur Radio,
> never have I seen an attack on the spectrum of this magnitude.
> Tom - WA2BPE
> AA6DX wrote:
> > Greetings --
> > I have chatted with several hams on the BPL issue.  Most had only the 
> > vaguest
> idea of what was the impending effect on the Amateur Radio community.   My 
> point
> is this...... just say, for instance, you live in an area that is NOT directly
> involved.   "No BPL here!  Not my problem!"  --- BUT ... there has to be
> on the other end to have a 2-way contact! ... hmmmmmmmmmmm.
> > There have been postings mentioning the different communications susceptible
> interference besides the ham radio enthusiasts.  My XYL (WA6MJB) pointed out a
> few I had not thought of, such as the American Red Cross, and the local US 
> Coast
> Guard -- Air and Sea -- have HF frequencies.  MARS stations, 2-way HF services
> (used extensively in KL7), aircraft, shortwave broadcast, wx forecasts, 
> roadside
> low power AM traffic/wx info services, real estate talking sale pitches, 
> garage
> door openers, baby monitors --- the list goes on and on.  BPL is just plain 
> good idea. In my opinion, the negative financial reality will take place soon,
> the wireless industry technology advances are occurring by leaps and bounds, 
> and
> that is world-wide.   Now, if we can keep our politicos from lining the power
> companies' pots with gold to provide us this "service", disunirregardless of
> profitability, the problem will -- hopefully -- resolve itself.  Suits shall
> help, too...   go ARRL (me be lifer)!
> > Finally doing something ... really something ... I heartily approve of on 
> > this
> subject.
> > 73, thank you all for the inputs, here and other reflectors.   I keep 
> > learning
> ... every day!
> > Hammin' for 4Ø years ...   Mark, AA6DX   Far Northern California
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