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[RTTY] The Makrothen Contest - Log Quest

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Subject: [RTTY] The Makrothen Contest - Log Quest
From: Waldemar DK3VN <dk3vn@nexgo.de>
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 21:18:02 +0100
List-post: <mailto:rtty@contesting.com>
Hi .. ~:)

missing the logs of this stations made a significant number of contacts in
"The Makrothen Contest" (held on 2005 Oct 8/9), and have not submitted their
logs. Please send your log to:  tmc-rtty@arcor.de

As Paolo, I2UIY via the RTTY Contest Reflector said, it makes the checking
process easier and better.

73 and many thanks for your support de Waldemar DK3VN

Log due date: November 15, 2005.

Missing the logs from:
2E0TEC     DJ5JK      G8VOI      KB1IKD     RA3PAR     UX7UN
9A2CD      DJ8YQ      GM3MZX     KK5OQ      RW4UW      UY9IF
9A3GI      DJ9XB      HA0LW      LU3CT      S51MA      UZ5U
9A4RC      DK1MAX     IK1MNJ     LZ9A       S54E       V51AS
9A6V       DK3PM      IT9SGN     M0IPX      S57OGM     VE2FK
9A7W       DL1FCU     IW3HXR     M5AAV      S57OWA     VK6HD
AA4V       DL2AMA     IW7EFC     MJ/ON4IPA  S58P       W1ZS
AD6WL      DL2LMS     IZ1ANZ     MM0BQI/P   SP1EUS     W2QO
AI4FR      DL3AMA     JA1GBC     N0FW       SV8CYR     W3HEM
AL7R       DL5ARM     JA7ZP      N1UZ       T9/9A6PJZ  W3WKR
BV50CRA    DL5BAW     JF1RYU     NT2A       UA3QJJ     W4AO
CX4AAJ     DL5MEV     JH1FVE     OE5JKL     UA9WIK     W4I
DB6LR      EA3/DJ6TK  JR3IIR     OE7GJ      UN8PO      W9IXX/4
DC1NSK     EI6HB      K0HW       OK1HEH     UR2ML      WB2JEP
DC2OD      EM2U       K0XB       OK2EA      UT5ERP     WD5K
DC3RJ      F5CWU      K1DAN      OK2PAY     UT9FJ      XE1L
DF1IAQ     F5MOO      K1FWE      OO5PU      UU7JN      YL2GP
DG2RSF     F5PBM      K2TE       PA0RDY     UW8SM      YT7TY
DG5PI      F5QF       K2YG       PA7FM      UX0SX      Z32PT
DH3EN      G0CHE      K9DJ       PA9DD      UX0ZZ
Check RWRL http://home.arcor.de/waldemar.kebsch/
TMC http://home.arcor.de/waldemar.kebsch/The_Makrothen_Contest/
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