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[SD-User] RNARS CW activity Contest. 15/16 NOV 1200Z TO 1200Z

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Subject: [SD-User] RNARS CW activity Contest. 15/16 NOV 1200Z TO 1200Z
From: "Sid Will" <>
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Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 11:42:30 -0000
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This contest coincides with the INORC contest for the whole 24 hours so
there should be plenty of activity
RNARS members send RST and Naval Number (If you are a member of more than
one naval society, please use only one of your membership numbers
Score 10 points with each naval station.  1 point with non-naval stations.
Multiplier each RNARS (repeat RNARS ) once only regardless of number of
bands worked
VE,VK,W,ZL,ZS call areas plus GB4RN all count as a separate multipliers
Logs to G3LIK email or paper logs by post.
SD Set-up:::
Because of the peculiar scoring and multiplier rules, use SD type 11.
Points per QSO = 10 and G = General.
Type 11 allows you to enter up to 8 characters in the data received field.
The majority of contacts will be naval so set the points to 10 per QSO.
When it is finished, produce a printout of your activity with SDCHECK and
manually count your multipliers and adjust the scores for any non-naval
contacts. Total score is "Total of your points from RNARS QSO's times the
number of multipliers you obtained"
Its not perfect but better than manual logging  - and SD produces good CW
Good luck in the RNARS Activity
73 de Sid, GM4SID

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