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[SD-User] WAG problem ??

To: <>
Subject: [SD-User] WAG problem ??
From: "vk2ar" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 01:49:44 +1100
List-post: <>

I have current version, using SD-DOS.10.05...
Had  a problem with WAG contest, because program did not accept full DOK
(max up to 5 or 6 letters/numbers) -only first two -  >>> 599 AB.
Unfortunately contest people said, that  contesters MUST receive RST and
FULL DOK, but only  firts  two letters will count for multiplier..
 I've done a "test run" for  this contest; and after using  sdcheck  I got
Looking at the line  was like that: (example)

...001 DL8BCM...599 000 AB

it should  be:   001  DL8BCM 599 ABCDEF   (ABCDEF - example of the
longest/special DOKs !!)

Apart of that,  when call typed in there was 6 dots as a space for  received
DOK. After typing ABCDEF - 6 characters and ENTER program was asking -that
first two letters (AB) of a DOK were missing ????).. A bit strange..
I had the same messagges from some  overseas stations as well..and some logs
for WAG was accepted only as CHECK LOGS this year after WAG CONTEST...
IS there anybody else having the same problem ?? or perhaps I did something
wrong ??


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