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[SD-User] V10.08 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V10.08 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 09:36:27 -0000
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V10.08          24 November 2003

SD: RSGB AFS and Club Championship.
    Band now defaults to 80m rather than 20m the
    first time you use SD.  If rig control is not
    enabled, SD will revert to the last band used
    each time it is restarted.  If necessary, use
    the commands B80 or 80M to change band to 80m.
    Note: these commands have no effect when rig
    control is enabled - SD follows the radio.

    Data modes are permitted in the Club
    Championship. SD prompts users to choose CW
    instead, and SDCHECK then outputs "RY" as the
    Cabrillo standard for any data mode.   

Note:  I'll have an updated CQWW.CTY file available
on 25th November for CQWW.

Paul EI5DI 
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