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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 13:24:39 -0000
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From: "Paul Ormandy" <>
> Can someone please tell me the set-up for the RAC contest?

SD supports the RAC Contest on all bands from 160m to 10m,
but not on 6m or 2m.

The contest takes place from 0000-2359 GMT on Saturday
27th December.  It's mixed-mode only (SSB/CW), but single-
ops may choose between single-band and all-band categories.
The full rules are at

Select SD Option 10 - General, Country and Area Mult.
.MLT File              : CANADA
.CTY File              : CANADA
Multipliers Count      : B (by Band)
Points per QSO         : 0 (variable)
Pts/Bonus              : 0 (multipliers)
Points per Area QSO    : 10 (VE QSOs)
Points vary by Mode    : N
            by Band    : N
        by Location    : N
Points                 : 2 (all other QSOs)
Receive Serial from
      Area (VE) QSOs   : N
Mode                   : CW or SSB (your mode now)
Mixed-Mode Contest     : Y
Mults count both modes : Y
Work same station on
            both modes : Y

SD scores QSOs with official RAC stations at 20 points
as required by the rules.

After the contest, use SDCHECK to prepare your .LOG
file in Cabrillo format.  If necessary, use a text
editor (for example: Notepad) to complete the Cabrillo
header records.  From the Rules "If you need help with
preparing or emailing your log, please contact VE7CFD

Email your log, as an attached file, to
by 31st January 2004.

Paul EI5DI

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