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[SD-User] V10.11 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V10.11 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 23:07:10 -0000
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V10.11         20th January 2004

    NOTE: V10.10 was uploaded on 10th January but
    not announced on the mailing list.

    On slower PCs, keyer messages now start and stop
    (with Esc) instantly, with no extended first or
    last characters.  Fixed by increasing SD/WIN's
    priority - thanks to K2VCO. If you find that the
    first character (dot or dash) in memory playback
    is extended, use the PTT command to choose the
    minimum value that fixes the problem.

    There's still a bug in keyboard mode CW. For the
    moment, it's one character at a time - you have
    to wait until the previous character ends before
    sending another.

    Fixed CALIBRATE command not working if you had
    previously stopped message playback with Esc.
    Now you hear "PARIS " from your rig's sidetone,
    as SD performs the calibration.  CAL is an
    alternative to CALIBRATE.

    Fixed rig control - broken in 10.09 or 10.10.

    Fixed display of available .SD Rig Control files
    following the PORTS command.

    Fixed automatic load of .LST file at startup, if
    you previously used the LOAD command.

    North America QSO Party. Fixed inability to log
    names - the maximum is 4 characters.

    CQ160 contest.  Corrected Yukon abbreviation in
    SDTYPE5.MLT.  It's YT rather than YU.  SDCHECK
    updated to omit mode from the Category field in
    the Cabrillo log as required by the specifications.

    Fixed broken code in V10.09 - SDX would not log

    Variable RST Sent (CW): The final 9 in RST Sent
    is abbreviated to "N".

    The RRST command repeats your previous RST Sent
    for as many QSOs as you choose. Use RRST again to
    restore the default 599.

Super Check Partial.
    New MASTER.DTA files, thanks to K5ZD, may be
    downloaded from
    (all contesters) or www.ei5di/com/sd/masusve.dta
    (W/VE only).  The second file is the one for use
    in ARRL DX (by DX entrants), but don't forget to
    rename it to MASTER.DTA for SD to "see" it.

    SDCHECK updated to show <Operator_ID> instead of
    <CALL> in header records - which caused problems
    with some ADIF import programs.

    Correct contest name is inserted in the ADIF
    <Contest-ID> field.

The programs may be downloaded from

Please let me know what you'd like to see in the next

IMPORTANT:  Keep a copy of whatever version(s) of SD
you're using now - as insurance!

Paul EI5DI
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