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[SD-User] Re: SD-User Digest, Vol 13, Issue 17

Subject: [SD-User] Re: SD-User Digest, Vol 13, Issue 17
From: Martin Davies G0HDB <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 21:30:54 -0000
List-post: <>
On 27 Jan 2004 at 12:00, wrote:

> This was corrected in V10.11 - here's the relevant section
> from the release notes.
>     CQ160 contest.  Corrected Yukon abbreviation in
>     SDTYPE5.MLT.  It's YT rather than YU.  SDCHECK
>     updated to omit mode from the Category field in
>     the Cabrillo log as required by the specifications.
> In general, it's best to use the latest version of SD.

Hi Paul, thanks for the feedback - I'd read the release notes but missde the 
bit about the mode being omitted from the Category field.  I'd intended to 
download V10.11 before the contest but forgot about it so ended up using 
the version I already had installed.

I actually downloaded V10.11 last night but haven't installed it yet; will do 
now and re-run SDCHECK.

I also had the same uploading problem as Dave G3YMC - it took me three 
attempts to get my (somewhat puny!) log of 56 QSOs (30 countries) into the 
system.  Certainly doesn't help when they publish an incorrect email 

73, Martin G0HDB

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