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[SD-User] SD in the FOC Marathon

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Subject: [SD-User] SD in the FOC Marathon
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 20:00:23 -0000
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From: "Vic Rosenthal" <>

Hi Vic, and others using SD in the FOC Marathon,

> 1) I noticed that whenever I tried to go back and correct
> a call sign that was entered incorrectly, the 'points' field
> changed to zero.

I'll update SD so that the points won't change.

> I couldn't edit the points,

Yes, SD doesn't support direct editing of points (or time).
Normally it doesn't matter, as the points are usually
right - but here the points are wrong!

I'd suggest you use the edit facility in SDCHECK to
correct the zero point QSOs.

> 2) I had a LST file which included lines like
> K2VCO VIC F1691
> 1691 VIC K2VCO

I can see that it would be useful to extract the callsign
when you type a matching membership number (followed by
Enter) - I'll add that, on the assumption that the callsign
will be the last field in the .LST record - as it normally is
when the membership number is the first.  This will override
the QSY facility (on a matching number).

If you should QSY by accident, pressing F10 twice will get you
back to the frequency you just left.

If you type a number (or anything else) that you need to
clear from the callsign field, Esc or Minus are the preferred

> 3) The multiplier window on the left that shows the prefixes
> by  continent was not useful for this contest (indeed it
> seemed not to work  properly,...

Yes, it wasn't working right, and SD did not identify the
bonuses for new DXCC countries - due to broken code that
I've now fixed.

This display is more useful when FOC.CTY is edited to
include only those countries with 1 or more FOC members.

> However, I wish I could have got rid of it and been able
> to see the per-band totals all the time.

You can initialise the screen display, and see the Score
window, with minus - in an empty callsign field.  Otherwise
the country prefix window times out after about 15 seconds
and is replaced by the Score window.

Paul EI5DI
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