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[SD-User] SD v10.17

To: "SD User Group" <>
Subject: [SD-User] SD v10.17
From: "Mike Harris" <>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 14:39:51 -0400
List-post: <>
G'day folks,

A new user on the block.

I have recently downloaded and installed SD v10.17.  I notice there aren't
any *.MLT files in the distribution, is this normal.  I'm trying to
configure a type 4 contest for the RSGB 21/28MHz CW/SSB contest, rather
early I know.  However, the implication in the handbook is that the
appropriate RSGB.MLT file is already included.  Also when creating an
empty RSGB.MLT file and waiting for SD to prompt "do you want to add the
district code" to the file it only does it once and doesn't prompt for
other missing DC's, neither does it seem to score the mult.

Could be I'm doing something horribly wrong.

System is Win XP.

I will be using SD next weekend in a South American CW contest which is a
simple type 9 event and the dummy data I've been practicing with seems to
work OK.


Mike VP8NO

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