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[SD-User] Problems with SDwin and Winkey

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Subject: [SD-User] Problems with SDwin and Winkey
From: "Alex G3ZBE" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 18:18:22 +0100
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I have just built a Winkey keyer kit and am having problems getting it
to work with SD for Windows.

Firstly let me say I don't know for certain yet that the Winkey unit
itself is working, when I try to run K5EL's little test program I get a
"this program has performed an illegal operation" dialog box, so I can't
test it that way.  I am using windows 98.

The RS232 cable is a straight cable with all the connections as per the
Winkey manual.  That is pins 2,3,5 and the DTR and RTS lines.

The internal link on the Winkey pcb is set to X-Y (pc program control).

I have set Winkey=1 in the SD configuration file.

There is an obvious problem in that the DTR and RTS lines are not
asserted correctly i.e. the DTR is stuck at -11V and RTS is +11V. Which
means the keyer pcb has no +5V supply to the PIC. I can't see anything
in SD that allows it to be reversed on booting up SD?  Or do I have to
do something to the PC setup?

I have Com1 as rig control and Com2 as keyer.  The winkey manual says
the keyer is fixed at 8 data bits, 1.5 or 2 stopbits and 1200 baud.  If
I set SD config.txt to that, then the comms to my FT1000MP stops
working, as I would expect since the Yaesu expects 4800 baud!

Is it possible to have one Com port on 4800 and the other on 1200 baud?

Can anyone suggest any solutions?


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