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[SD-User] CQ 160 m ctest

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Subject: [SD-User] CQ 160 m ctest
From: "Dieter Klaschka" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 10:45:22 +0100
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Hello, everybody,
     Just a question:

will the RSGB 160m set up cover the CQ 160m (cw branch 29.1.-30.1.05)
Have a good weekend,
72! Dieter.DL2BQD

CQ Magazine

CLASSES H( >150w)   L(<150)   Q (?5w) Single op,  Multi op
cluster => multi  !

RST + QTH (US : state, VE: province, DX: country code
QSO with own ctr 2 pts
own continent 5 pts
other cont. 10 pts
/mm   5 pts

single op only 30 hrs of operation!

each US state ( besides (KH6, KL7), each VE-province,
District of Columbia (DC)
and each DXCC/WAE country (without W/VE)  1 point.

Final score:
sum of qso points x sum of multis

Cabrillo log cw (till 28.2.05)  to:

Info from CQDL 1/05

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