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Subject: [SD-User] ARI Contest
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 21:24:46 +0100
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SD supports the ARI contest which takes place from 20:00 UTC
Saturday 7th May to 19:59 UTC Sunday 8th May.

It's a worldwide competition - you can work everyone, not just
Italian stations, on the 6 bands from 160 - 10m.  Single-op entries
may be SSB, CW, RTTY or Mixed.  SD does not support RTTY in mixed-
mode entries.

Rules at

SD runs on any Windows PC, and is freeware from

Select SD Type 10 - General, Area and Country Multipliers.

.MLT File             : ITALY
.CTY File             : DXCC
Multipliers Count     : B (by band)
Points per QSO        : 0 (variable)
Pts/Bonus             : 0 (multipliers)
Points per Area QSO   : 10 (QSOs with Italy)
Non-Area QSOS count 
            as mults  : Y
Points vary by mode?  : N
            by band?  : N
        by location?  : Y
Points                : 0,1,3  (Own country, own continent,
                                other continents)
Receive serial from
Italian (Area) QSOs?  : N
Starting Mode:        : CW or SSB (your choice)
Mixed-mode?           : Y/N (your choice)
  Multipliers count
  on both modes?      : N (asked only if you're mixed-mode)
  Work same station
  on both modes?      : Y (asked only if you're mixed-mode)

Work everyone on the 6 bands from 160 - 10m.
Send 59(9) + Serial, receive 59(9) + 2-character Province from
Italian stations, and 59(9) + Serial from all others.

After the contest, use SDCHECK to prepare your Cabrillo
.LOG file.  Rename it as YOURCALL.LOG and email it, as
an attached file, to

Paul EI5DI
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