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[SD-User] V11.30 released.

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Subject: [SD-User] V11.30 released.
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 22:24:09 +0100
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V11.30          30th May 2005

Note:  This version is numbered 11.30 to put a gap
       between it and versions 11.22 and 11.21 which
       should not be used.

SD - Edits.
    Broken code in V11.21 and V11.22 caused Serials 
    and/or QSOs to be duplicated or go missing after
    Callsign edits of previous QSOs. Fixed.

    The audit (.AUD) files were not affected - they
    record all QSOs, Edits and ZAPs (QSOs you delete).

    Updated IC756PR3.SD rig control file for the Icom
    ProIII.  Thanks Joe EI7GY.

    Fixed Cabrillo logs for King of Spain Contest.
    Answer "N" to "Receive serials from area QSOs".

    Fixed Cabrillo logs (header records) for RSGB AFS,
    CC and RoPoCo.  


SD is freeware from  Previous versions
are available from

Please delete any copies you may have of SD V11.21 or

Any bugs, please email details to sd-user'at'

Paul EI5DI

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