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[SD-User] SDV for the UKSMG 50 MHz Sporadic-E Contest

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Subject: [SD-User] SDV for the UKSMG 50 MHz Sporadic-E Contest
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 00:43:52 +0100
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The UKSMG 50 MHz Summer Contest takes place from 1200Z on
Saturday 4th June to 1159Z on Sunday 5th June.

SDV supports this event.  SDV runs on any Windows PC and
is freeware from

Select SDV Type 7 - Country & Square Mults.
Locator           : Your own 4-character square.
                    If you leave this with 6 characters,
                    SDV assumes you will be logging 6
                    characters in each QSO.
Scoring           : 1  (1 point per QSO)
Points vary by
          band    : N
Band              : 50
Mode              : Options are SSB, CW, FM
Separate Serials
    by band       : N
Work same station
  on all modes    : N

You have the choice of logging membership numbers in
the Serial or the Notes fields - it's probably easier
in the Notes field.  

SDV will not calculate additional points for members
logged.  It will track the country and square mults.
To calculate your final score, add the QSOs and
bounuses for members.  Multiply this figure by the
country multiplier total.  Then multiply the result
by the squares multiplier total.

After the contest, use SDVCHECK to create your .LOG and
.COV files.  Update your .COV file as necessary with a
text editor.  Rename them to YOURCALL.LOG and YOURCALL.COV
and email them as attached files (put your Callsign in the
Subject of the email) to

Paul EI5DI

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