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Re: [SD-User] V11.32 Released

Subject: Re: [SD-User] V11.32 Released
From: "Dave Sergeant" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 19:26:44 +0100
List-post: <>
On 23 Jun 2005 at 16:49, Dave Sergeant wrote:

> OK I have just downloaded and installed v11.32 on my Windows 98SE
> laptop. Runs OK, BUT..
> The full date and time are not always displayed in the date/time
> window - the box is foreshortened and it only displays the date and a
> dash, with the time missing. While playing about I did get it display
> properly once, but couldn't repeat it. The time (less seconds) is
> correctly displayed in the logging window against each QSO.

Update on this one.

It seems to only happen if I have the rig control port enabled (on 
serial port 1, a genuine serial port, Kenwood interface driving my 
K2). As soon as I enable this port the time field stops clocking, and 
also the time shown against the current QSO stops - but logs the 
correct time as soon as I log the QSO. CW port is disabled.

If I disable the rig port and re-start SD all is fine.

If I then quit SD and rerun it, opening that log or any other, I get 
the foreshortened time field I mentioned.

SD Dos 10.15 runs fine, as did 11.06 I used last week.

Obviously the joys of Windows programming...

73 Dave G3YMC

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