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[SD-User] duplicate serials in 11.34

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Subject: [SD-User] duplicate serials in 11.34
From: "Erik AMSAT" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 15:46:29 +0200
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I am using version 11.34. During HF Fieldday last weekend using UBA
option I noticed that there were several duplicate serials in the log. 

When I tried to edit the log with SDCheck I got the message that the log
was edited by another program. I also get a message that a certain line
in the log has incorrect characters and I am not able to open the log
with SDCheck. When I try to re-open the log in SD, I get the same
message and the program doesn't load the logfile anymore. Before the
contest we did an input of some test QSO"s and deleted them with the ZAP
command. Has this anything to do with this behaviour? This is the first
time I have this, but I believe there has been a similar thread in the
past about an earlier version.


Thanks for your help.


73 de ON5AI




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