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To: SD Contest <>
Subject: [SD-User] Frequency
From: Jeff Spinler <>
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 13:32:37 -0700 (PDT)
List-post: <>
Hi Paul,
I used Sd in the Washington State Salmon run contest
on the 17th and 18th and made 405 qso's without any
problems. The Program worked great as always,
following my Kenwood ts-850 as I changed bands,
Frequency's, entered frequency's on the computer etc. 
SD did everything I asked it to do, except make the
contacts itself.  Unfortunately, I do have to mention
a problem that presented itself to me. When the
contests are over I always transfer the log (in .ADI
format) to my general logging program (Logger, old
version). When I imported the logs this time, there
were no actual frequency's listed. They were all
listed as 21000,14000,7000 or 3500.  I looked at the
printer file, adif file and others and could not find
frequency's in those files as well. I was using SD
version 12.00 and updated Sdcheck  for the contest. I
downloaded version 12.02, which has some great new
features, and ran a dummy contest to check
frequency's. I do not think it is keeping track of
actual frequency's either as nothing was listed in my
import of that file. I checked my previous version of
SD (11.14) that I used in several contests and it DOES
keep track of the actual frequency's for importing
into my logging program. I know this is not important
for contest submissions, but I would like to get the
feature back if possible. I like to put actual
frequency's on me QSL cards. I am using a 166mz
computer running Windows 95.
Thanks for a great contest program Paul, I advertise
it to all that listen and am getting new converts all
the time.
73, Jeff N7VPN

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