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[SD-User] Fw: V12.04

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Subject: [SD-User] Fw: V12.04
From: "Phil Catterall" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 21:48:11 -0000
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Hi All

Wonder if you some of you could check this out - it could be my setup but it 
doesn't seem right. Just getting ready for this weekends 21/28 MHz CW Contest. 
I am using Windows XP. 

CW Keyer using F1 for CQ - F2 for exchange - F3 for confirmation. 

I call CQ - string in F1 is TEST #R #R TEST - no problem

string in F2 is #C #T #S #YO BK#E - no problem 

string in F3 is TU #R TEST #E - after entering the serial I hit F3 but the 
exchange doesn't get sent and the QSO won't go into the log. The cursor 
actually jumps back to the first character typed into the Srl field. If I then 
tab out of the serial field to go back to the call field and I then hit F3 
again the QSO gets logged and the exchange gets sent. If you get chance please 
try it to see how we compare. 

Thanks in advance, I am using the latest V12.04 and didn't notice this 

Phil G4OBK    
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