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Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 22:16:24 +0100
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> Does latest SD still support WAG SSB, nothing found so far ?

Yes, nothing has changed to remove support for any contest
previously supported.  Here's the setup information from
the sd-user archives at for October 2004.
I will have a template option for the next update of SD.

Paul EI5DI

SD setup for non-German (DX) entrants.

Select SD Type 4 - General, Area Multipliers.

Multipliers Count      : B (by band)
Points CW QSOs         : 3
Points SSB QSOs        : 3
Pts/Bonus              : 0 (multipliers)
Name of .MLT File      : WAG
Mode                   : CW or SSB
Mixed-Mode             : Y or N (SSB-only is not an option)

Work German stations only.  If you are mixed-mode, SD will
count multipliers once only per band, regardless of mode.
You may work German stations on both modes for points.

Receive RS(T) + DOK (area code), send RS(T) + Serial.  SD
automatically tracks the first letter in the DOK as a potential
multiplier.  You can have a maximum of 26 multipliers per band

SD logs, at most, 4 DOK characters.  Some stations will send
a longer code, but you will not lose points by recording only
the first four characters - I have confirmed this with DL1DTL,
the contest organiser.
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