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Subject: [SD-User] How do I ?
From: "D Wilkinson" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 15:05:34 -0000
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Hi Folks..
Please bear with me as I ask what might seem a simple question as I am
a "newish boy" to the Programme..

Having just installed the Programme I have found the way to get a full
screen as against the part screen it was at first.

 However, I now find that I have "lost" the ability to get back to a
part screen and cannot see the Properties box in the top left hand of
the screen due to a full screen with a black/blank edge.

I seem to think that I might need this properties in order to be able
to change colours/ max/mim and boarder sizes etc.

Could someone please let me know how to get back to being able to see
the outer edge of the screen  to include the properties box as I have
set the Programme to start up with a full screen and not a part screen
and can't seem to get it back again.

Any offers of help please would assist me..
Cheers for now...

-73- From Dave G4KHF CM GBTEN Chapter.
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