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[SD-User] SuperDuper and WinterSports GQRP and OQRP

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Subject: [SD-User] SuperDuper and WinterSports GQRP and OQRP
From: "Dieter Klaschka" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 13:50:54 +0100
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Dear SD members,
 I wish you all a healthy and peaceful new year.

I used SD for Post Ctest logging
(you may do it online as well of course)
of the GQRP Winter Sports Activity.
Type 11, General.
The Print File is just good for an entry. You have to edit there the
bands in case one uses the WARC .
You can also put in your personal comments.

The very set up may be used for the Original QRP Contest (OQRP).
Since  a calculation is done by the organizers  SD is very useful in
quick logging.
(There could be a template for OQRP at least to make SD more
attractive to QRP users, couldn't it?)
For the OQRP one can use the Cabrillo format or the PRNT as an entry.
Another advantage is
 to use ADIF to upload the logs to eQSL finally.
Exported into your master log you can easily print your cards then.
SD plus eQSL is a good combination indeed!
Based on SD it all saves a lot of time.

In contradiction to the mentioned activities the forthcoming QRP event
CZEBRIS is a real contest.   (February 06)

Due to your location  you get different points:
UK    with        UK 2  with OK/OM 4       EU 2     Non EU 3
OK/OM with    UK 4                      2             2
EU         with    UK 4                      4             1
NonEU   with    UK 4                      4             2

HWT dear Paul?

I do wave the QRP flag a tad  and will send these lines to some active
QRPers  as well .
I would love to see SD being operated here. We are all paying on the
same playground, but only in different corners, aren't we?!
72! Dieter DL2BQD
This is what the log shows for WS (OQRP similar:RST+SERIAl+ QRP,VLP or

30-Dec-05  1143   14  CW  F5VJD        559 019  599 RICH Q#3383    0

30-Dec-05  1328   10  CW  OM0WR        599 020  579 PETER          0

The Cabrillo does not show all letters of the QRP/VLP/MP abbrev.
but even only Q,V,M can be understood. QRO not marked then.

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