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Subject: [SD-User] LZ Open Contest
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 21:25:27 -0000
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V12.10 has been released to support the LZ Open Contest which
takes place from 04:00 to 12:00 UTC on Saturday 21st January.
It's a CW-only event on 40 & 80m.

Previous versions of SD do not support this event.

It's everyone work everyone (no preference for LZs) and it's
similar to RoPoCo in that the exchange is Serial + Serial Received
from previous QSO.  For the first QSO you would send 001 000 as
there was no previous serial received.  There is no RST.

Have a look at the rules at to
see examples of the full exchange.

A nice twist is that dupes are a function of time only,
regardless of band.  A second QSO within 30 minutes is a
dupe, otherwise it's not - so you could work the same
station every 30 minutes or so throughout the contest.

SD runs on any Windows PC and is free from

Select the "LZ Open" template.  You should update SD's F2
CW memory (with Shift-F2) to remove the #R (RST) parameter.

When entering the "Serials Received" they should be separated by
a single space or /.

Leading zeros are not required. For example, 5/32 will be logged
as 005 032, and the 005 will be picked up by the keyer for
"Serials Sent" on the next QSO.

SD flags dupes only when the previous QSO was less then 30 minutes

After the contest, use SDCHECK (included in sdsetup.exe) to create
a Cabrillo log.  Email it, as an attached file, to

Paul EI5DI

Help stamp out bloatware - use SD.
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