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[SD-User] V12.11 released

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Subject: [SD-User] V12.11 released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 22:42:09 -0000
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V12.11          2nd February 2006

FOC Marathon:
    Added automatic band worked/wanted display under
    the callsign field.

    This appears when you enter the callsign of any
    station previously logged, and it shows bands
    needed in white.  Bands not needed are black.

    The advantage is that you immediately see the
    status of the station, and can decide whether
    it's worth moving - all without having to look
    at any other part of the logging screen.

    SD users should not use any FOC.LST file sourced
    from G4BKI.  It does not work with SD.

    Fixed function key message playback.  Worked OK
    in callsign field but not in others.

    Enter Sends Message was unaffected.

Rig Control:
    Added support for Tentec Orion. ORION.SD supplied.

    Added support for different baud rates for 2R.
    They are set with BPS1 and BPS2.  If BPS2 is not
    defined, it's set to the same value as BPS1.
    To better determine the exact Cabrillo format
    required for a particular contest, SD now stores
    the template name (selected when a new contest
    log is opened).  It's stored in Control Record 2
    of the .ALL file.  SDCHECK then knows exactly
    which contest the .ALL file refers to.

    I'm planning to include all relevant Cabrillo
    parameters, and their corresponding options, in
    the template files.  This way, I will be able to
    support any present or future Cabrillo parameters
    without the need for contest-specific hard code.

SDU - UBA Contest:
    Fixed an overflow problem, for ON entrants, which
    prevented callsigns beginning with Y or Z being
    flagged as mults.

HA DX - and other contests with many Area Multipliers:
    I like to see the QSO Rate window at all times, or
    at least after every QSO logged.

    Previously, the Area Multiplier window could hide
    the Rate window.  Now, this happens only when you
    enter a callsign which gives an Area Code as part
    of the exchange  - for example, HA in the HA DX

    SDCHECK:  Cabrillo log for HA DX fixed.


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program you download - as insurance.  Some older
versions are available from

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Paul EI5DI
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