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[SD-User] CW and SD

Subject: [SD-User] CW and SD
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 17:12:09 EST
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I have now run V12.11 with and without Winkey.
I am having a difficulty starting Winkey but find it will respond after I  
have turned it off, run the F keys and then reverted to Winkey. This may be a  
local problem.
I can confirm that in Winkey I no longer have the block on using F keys  
outside the callsign field so that's good.
The other thing is that having upgraded my shack laptop from 220Mhz/64Mb  RAM 
to 1.3Ghz/256Mb RAM I am getting perfect CW without Winkey> I suppose it  is 
because the PC has sufficient power to cope with the demands on it without  
causing the CW to wander.
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