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Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 19:11:26 -0000
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This information was released earlier today by IRTS.

Paul EI5DI



CQIR - Ireland Calling: Preliminary Announcement.

In 2007 the IRTS celebrates the 75th anniversary of its
founding in 1932.  As part of its jubilee celebrations
the Society is organising an International Radio Contest,
"CQIR - Ireland Calling". 

For this contest, references to Ireland mean the island
of Ireland and its offshore islands - both EI and GI.

CQIR is a once-off event with a difference - overseas
entrants with 75 or more QSOs have the opportunity to
win a trip to Ireland.

CQIR is a 24-hour, single-operator HF CW/SSB contest on
the weekend of 29/30 September 2007.  As this is the
fifth full weekend in the month, there is no clash with
any established event.

CQIR is a celebration of both the IRTS Jubilee and the
"Irish" amateur-radio community worldwide.  It's where
the Irish, at home and abroad, work the World - and
where those of Irish descent identify themselves by
including their ancestral county in the exchange, for
example: County Limerick, County Antrim etc.

Here is a summary of the rules.  Full rules and county
codes will appear on
Prize Draw:  For each and every 75 valid QSOs logged,
entrants will qualify for one entry to a prize draw.
Two prizes will be awarded, the first for entrants
operating from outside Ireland, and the second for
entrants operating from Ireland.

i)  Air travel to Ireland for two people, with
    accommodation for one week in Kinnity Castle,
    Co. Offaly.
ii) A weekend for two in New York City.
Entrant are "Irish" if 
1.  They operate from Ireland, or
2.  They were born in Ireland, or have a direct
    ancestral link to Ireland - with no time limit.
    Anyone whose partner/spouse qualifies under this
    section can be Irish too.

All other entrants are "World" entrants.

Exchange:  Entrants operating from Ireland send a
serial and their county code. For example : 021 MAY
Irish entrants outside Ireland, known as "Overseas
Irish", also send a county code - representing the
most recent county resided in by themselves, their
partner/spouse, or their direct ancestor.

In place of a serial, Overseas Irish send the most
recent year they, or their spouse/ancestor as relevant,
left Ireland to live or work overseas - 1849, 1978,
2004 etc.  This should be the same for all QSOs.
Example of an Overseas Irish exchange : 1966 ANT

World (non-Irish) entrants send a serial only.

Points & Multipliers:  CQIR is a worldwide "everyone
works everyone" event, with 2 points for SSB QSOs and
3 for CW.

Points are doubled for QSOs with Irish stations -
those giving a county code in accordance with the

Multipliers are Irish County Codes - a maximum of
32 per band/mode combination.

Free software will be provided to support CQIR.

Paul Martin EI2CA
P.R.O. - IRTS.
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