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[SD-User] V12.12 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V12.12 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 00:27:10 -0000
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V12.12          22 February 2006

Rig Control:
    The polling interval for interrogating frequency
    & mode was fixed at 1 second, or 1000 ms.  The
    POLLTIME command now lets you choose any interval
    from 50 to 1000 ms.  

    SD waits for a time equivalent to one third of
    the polling interval for a response from the
    radio. This is shown as LINKTIME in the status

    Set your bits/sec, with the BPS command, to the
    highest rate supported by your rig.  Then set
    POLLTIME to the lowest value at which SD
    reliably displays the rig's frequency.

    With a low value of POLLTIME, SD is much more
    responsive to band and mode changes, and the
    frequency display changes smoothly as you tune
    the rig.  POLLTIME may be abbreviated to PT.

    For 2R operation, POLLTIME must relate to the
    "slower" radio - with the lower BPS value.    

UBA Contest:
    Updated UBA.CTY supplied - thanks ON6LY.

    SDU updated to show a band/multiplier analysis
    under the callsign - as SD already does.

    Fixed QSO Rate Meter.

    The DUMP command now lets you backup your log to
    any device you choose - you're asked for the
    device letter.  The .ALL (log) file is copied to
    .ALB, and the .AUD (audit) file is copied to .AUB.
    If your chosen device is not available, you get
    an error message.  BACKUP is an alternative to

    Added a Contest Name parameter to each file.
    When you select a template for a new log, the
    Contest Name is stored in record 2 in the .ALL
    file and is displayed whenever the .ALL file
    is reloaded. The maximum length of the name is
    34 characters.

PACC Contest:
    Added template for PA entrants.

Ontario QSO Party:
    Added support, and template and multiplier files,
    for Ontario entrants (who work everyone), and for
    entrants outside Ontario (who work Ontario only).

Yuri Gagarin DX Contest:
    Added support & template.

    Fixed the .CSV text export option.

Band/Mode analysis.
    SD is unique in giving a band/mode analysis,
    under the callsign field, as you type callsign
    characters.  At times, when the callsign
    represented a "dupe", the analysis was wrong.

Country Files:
    All .CTY country multiplier files updated as per
    CTY.DAT released on 8th February by AD1C


SD is free from

If you find any new bugs, please send details to  Keep an older version of any
program you download - as insurance.  Some older
versions are available from

If you just want the new sd.exe alone, you can get it

Paul EI5DI
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