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[SD-User] sd12.13-problem

Subject: [SD-User] sd12.13-problem
From: Manfred Ockert <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 08:06:38 +0100
List-post: <>

used (new) sd 12.13 in HSC-contest ( type 11) and sdu in uba-cw-contest.

TRX10 IC737a   ( CAT as ic746 or IC738 )
  9600bd, 8N1 - com1(simple Interface - powerd by DTS/RTS), Keyport on LPT1

TRX2 - none

Problöem as follows:
1. ... make qso's
2. change frequ. on TRX
3. put a call into the buffer
4. log it ...

...  often the TRX will be switched off   ( short time or longer)

I am not sure, but......
could it be that instead of a (new)frequency a call will be submitted to trx as 

I never had before (until 12.8) heard/seen this problem!
First times I did not know what happend... but after a 4-band-qso found this 
problem after EACH bandchange!
could be... I was too fast...
never had this problem, when a frequency was displayed!

Any suggestions ??

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