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Subject: [SD-User] IOTA Contest
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
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Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 23:30:09 +0100
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Dear SD Users,

The IOTA Contest is coming up at the end of the month.
Here's some information about SDI for this event - please
circulate it to anyone relevant.

Paul EI5DI

The 14th IOTA (Islands On The Air) Contest takes place
on 29/30 July.  SDI by EI5DI is the only contest logger
dedicated to this event.  SDI is recommended, in the
IOTA Contest Rules, for single-operator entrants.

Since SDI is optimised for IOTA, it offers many
unique features.

  SDI shows the mult status of all relevant island
  groups, by country and call-area, as callsign
  prefixes are entered - no need to touch any other

  SDI autofills the IOTA Reference when the callsign
  probably (or definitely) corresponds to that
  island group.

  When you LOAD a callsign database of known island
  operations (always available in advance), SDI
  extracts the island reference and autofills it.
  If it's wrong, simply overtype.
  To see your mult status for any island group,
  type its reference in the Callsign field - no
  need to touch any other key.  For example, EU5
  shows the status for mainland UK.

  For second and subsequent QSOs with any island
  station, you get an immediate band/mode mult
  analysis under the callsign - no need to touch
  any other key.

SDI runs on any Windows PC, and is free from  It is intended for
SO-unassisted entries. It supports ESM (Enter Sends
Message) in both Run and S&P modes, with internal
serial or parallel keying - or external keying via
WinKeyer USB (recommended) - see

Any problems, just ask at

Paul EI5DI
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