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Subject: [SD-User] SDX
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 05:30:55 EDT
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Dr OM,

I still use SD for contests and SDX as standard logbook.

I have found anrrors in the SDX program.

SDX - version 13.03 but also earlier versions:
I use a FT1000MP with serial channel to show te frequency.
At e.g. 14 MHz the display will show: 14.000.07 (7 digits)
When I switch to a low band e.g. 7 MHz the display will show 7.000.007 (also 
7 digits, which should be 6). When change the frequency the ending 7 will 
never change ! This means that there is no reset of of the last (not used) 
character on the display. The display shall show 7.000.00 

I hope you can repair this.


Jan Hoek, PA0JNH

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