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Re: [CQ-Contest] [N1MM] New Super Check Partial Files AvailableVER200610

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] [N1MM] New Super Check Partial Files AvailableVER20061014 (14 Oct 2006)
From: Robert Chudek - KØRC <>
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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 10:27:19 -0500
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Thanks for your hard work with this Randy!

(If the link doesn't work, make sure you remove the period at the end of the 
URL string.)

I see the Unique percentage continues to decline, and now is under 4% of total 
QSO's. I remember being taught the human error rate was in the 3% range so it 
looks like the submitted logs are falling in the ballpark. It will be 
interesting to see if it continues to drop in each iteration.

Curiosity makes me ask what kind of weird uniques do you discover through the 
processing, discounting typical letter/number transpositions? Or have you 
posted an overview of the SCP database processing steps somewhere?

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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  From: Randy Thompson, K5ZD 
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  Sent: Friday, October 13, 2006 10:45 PM
  Subject: [N1MM] New Super Check Partial Files Available VER20061014 (14 Oct 

  A new release of the Super Check Partial database files are available at

  This set of files was created out of 3,226,732 QSOs from 2,725 logs. The
  full data set contained 117,972 unique calls resulting in a master.dta file
  of 41,000 calls after filtering. 

  The files can be downloaded individually or in a complete package as a zip

  Win-Test Users note: There is a new file master.scp that contains the same
  calls as master.dta, but in the ASCII format that Win-Test prefers. 

  Statistics from two years of master.dta files are presented at It is interesting to see how the
  increasing number of logs causes an increase in uniques, but not such a
  large increase in new calls. I believe we are getting to a set of files that
  is a very comprehensive list of the active contest calls around the world.

  Please send me your logs immediately after each contest. The easiest thing
  is to cc when you submit your Cabrillo format log to the
  sponsor's robot.

  I will produce the next set of SCP files before CQ WW CW in mid November. 


  Randy Thompson, K5ZD

  PS - If you find bad calls in the SCP files, let me know about it!

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