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Re: [SD-User] how to send part of received Call

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] how to send part of received Call
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 09:24:12 -0000
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From: "Jaroslav Chmelík" <>

> In RUN mode, CW, ESM enabled -  how can I send only part
> of received Call using keyboard (suppose F1-F8), but not
> send exchange for first time.

I suggest you use F8 to send only the call (define F8 with
the #C parameter).

When the caller repeats the full callsign, complete the
callsign and press Enter - SD then sends the call and
full exchange as normal.

Another option is to switch to Keyboard Mode (with Ctrl),
type any appropriate message and then Enter (or Ctrl) to
return to logging mode.

Paul EI5DI 

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