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[SD-User] TAC-Contest

Subject: [SD-User] TAC-Contest
From: Fred Ockert <>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 08:04:09 +0100
List-post: <>
helleo Paul, hello ALL,
last Weekend the TAC (Tops Activity) was a problem at SD.
Next Contest agian HappyNewYear will make same troubles

it is too easy   send RST+Nr (+ memebershipnumber)  receieve : rst+ number (+ 

the logging format, given by IOTA is correct, but the problem ist -> how to 
switch off   the IOTA-Check ?
SDI will not accept any other's than  IOTA-Numer's.
it would be the simlpiest way to use use a commandline switch ?

SCHCECK generates IOTA-style Cabrillo-logs ( I hope).. summary/scoring must be 
done seperate..
the we have some postcontest-prcessors... importing ADIF or cabrillo.

He Paul ... it is too hard, to switch off the IOTA-Check??
I can live with a meber's (selfcreated) database-file at 
OK-OM-DX-Contest or such..

PS: Happy-New-Year-Contest is in 01.01.2007 !

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