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Subject: [SD-User] POST-Contest Logging...
From: "EP Swynar" <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 16:30:05 -0500
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Good Day All,

I've really become rather attached to Paul's seems to be THE 
most user-friendly contest software that I've found yet! 

Indeed, I've already used it to submit my logsheets --- electronically --- to 
the folks at RAC for this weekend's runiing of the RAC Winter 
Contest...however, I've run into a snag with the Stew Perry sheets...

Specifically, I'm using Paul's programme for POST-contest log submission 
only...and here's the issue: I made close to 300 QSOs, and as I was entering 
each call & time after the fact, I got called away to run an errand in town 
after having had 49 QSOs entered. I typed in "end", and went on my rounds. When 
I returned, I called up the the file of log entries, and attempted to simply 
"carry on" from where I had left --- but the TIME on the computerized log sheet 
showed REAL TIME only...and I could NOT get the cursor into the time field to 
change it to actual log time...

But that's not all: a short while later, I attempted to retrieve my partially 
completed log again, & a black screen came up, saying that I had entered some 
illegal entry as a file name into the programme!

Now I really AM confused...

Have I effectively LOST those 49 post-contest QSOs that I entered...? Can they 
be retrieved...? If I'm entering QSOs post-contest, do I HAVE to be here, in 
front of the computer, until it's all done...? There MUST be some way to 
"CONTINUE" with entries, I would think...what if I made 1000 QSOs, & had to 
close down the computer at QSO #999...?! Would I later have to start all over 
again at QSO #1...?

BTW, when I later tried to access the log, I left the title blank & keyed the 
enter button --- sure enough, its title that I gave it showed up as a file in 
the computer...but when I clicked on it, it said I was "...illegal"...

Any & all guidance / direction would be most appreciated...! Thanks in advance, 
& vy 

~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ
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